Saturday , January 16 2021

Signature of the Lakers who had the strong support of Anthony Davis

Despite just one season as a Lakers player behind him, Anthony Davis has already greatly influenced the moves the franchise made during this off-season. A new recruitment would thus have been particularly desired by Unibrow.

The friendship it Lebron James and Anthony Davis since their meeting with the Lakers will obviously have had a big impact on the franchise’s excellent results last year. She also made it possible for the inside to get lots of advice from her older siblings on managing her body, pressure and fame.

The latter never hesitates to greet his star friend in the media for this help, which also extends to areas off the field. Davis, for example, seems to have been inspired by him during this low season, as he plays a key role in the decisions made by Angelino in the market.

After having suggested its leaders to strengthen themselves in a specific position to do oneself a personal service – a proposal that was also taken into account and then became a reality – AD would also have pushed for a defending champion to return. A request was granted again, as revealed by Brad Turner in Los Angeles Times.

I think the market became really, really tight for Markieff Morris and other players, so he quickly realized that the best situation for him would be with the Lakers. But what do you say about that? There’s a guy named Anthony Davis who wanted him to come back next season.

He wanted it because he is tough, he defends, he recovers, he shoots 3 points, he opens the field and is a versatile player. One thing the Lakers really liked about making them successful was having players who could contribute both in offense and defense. Not to mention his quality as a teammate and member of the locker room.

A return of Markieff Morris to the Purple & Gold list which also pleased LeBron, probably also more or less at the beginning of this signature. In any case, the two leaders were not mistaken, as Frank Vogel’s rotation would undoubtedly have lacked such versatile profiles in his absence.

Markieff Morris therefore gladly joined the Lakers under the Free Bureau and will find in Los Angeles an Anthony Davis conquered by his return.

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