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Niort: Guinea’s international defender Ibrahima Conté sentenced to 6 months

The court sentenced Guinea’s international Chamois Niortais to 12 months in prison, six of whom were jailed for violence against his partner and theft.

Arrested by police during training at René Gaillard Stadium in Niort and then placed under judicial control from July 12, 2020, the Guinean international player was sentenced by Chamois Niortais, Ibrahima Conté, 24, today, Thursday, November 26. by the criminal court in Niort to 12 months imprisonment, including 6 months with probation for a period of two years. He is forbidden to enter his ex-partner’s home and try to get in touch with her. During these two years, he is also subject to compulsory care.

The court, headed by Gérald Faucou, found him guilty of the usual violence against what he met six years earlier in Lorient and whom he had lived regularly for two years in Niort. The selected prevention period runs from January 2018 to 11 July 2020 in Lorient and Niort.

He confiscates his mobile phone to read his messages

He was recognized by this court, which ruled in the college, for stealing his companion’s laptop where he wanted to read messages that could cast doubt on his loyalty.

The international footballer who plays in Ligue2 among Chamois Niortais admitted facts of violence when he tried to minimize them.

His former partner confirmed most of the violence

His former partner agreed to intervene during the trial and confirmed most of the acts of violence, but she did not want to become a civilian party. She could therefore not claim compensation for damage.

Me Chauvin defended the player’s interests. She tried to describe a kind-hearted man after all. “He earns 12,000 euros a month,” she replied to the judges who asked him about his salary. Half of them are paid to the country, she then said.

Pictures that show the strength of the blow

During this trial, the development of violent scenes and the images produced in front of the assessors that showed bruises, facial injuries and other blows to the body of his former companions were all present.

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