Sunday , October 2 2022

Ndiassane: Khalif asked for asphalting of the Ndankh runway – Senegalese AP


  1. Ndiassane: Khalif asked the asphalt of the Ndankh AP Senegalese track
  2. Idrissa Seck in Ndiassane: "Of course, all actors must work for justice and justice …" DakarActu
  3. Gamou in Ndiassane – Aly Ngouille Ndiaye's request to Khalife and opposition SENEGO
  4. Change between an ash and a gendarme in Ndiassane: Kalif's spokesman's request and answer from Dg, Papa Khaly Niang DakarActu
  5. Video – Bécaye Mbaye to Idrissa Seck: "You are a Muslim and we are sure of it." Look! SENEGO
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