Thursday , October 6 2022

Letrot Open des Régions – 5 years (Gr.III): Iton’s favorite makes an impression IN PARIS TURF


Favorite at Iton is his biggest success in the Letrot Open des Régions - 5 years old

Favorite at Iton is his biggest success in the Letrot Open des Régions – 5 years old

Author of an outstanding acceleration uphill to catch up with the Fétiche Atout facilitator, who declared himself the horse to beat, Favorite de l’Iton undoubtedly signed the most beautiful victory of his career. Without ever releasing his effort, Jasmin de Flore’s son then spun to the post and won in style.

Hughes Levesque, Itons favorite (4- E. Raffin) had already shown great resources throughout the year and achieved five successes so far. But entrusted for the first time to Eric Raffin, he showed another aspect of his talent at the Letrot Open des Régions – 5 years old on Sunday. Come to force the pace of the climb and then run the host and the player’s big favorite, Fetish Trump (4- F. Lagadeuc), to take the lead, the representative of the Iton team then extended his effort outstanding and hit the post with real brio. Glad, the crack driver responded: “I really had a good feeling in sulky. Our opponents did quite hard during the first part of the course and I did not hesitate to move it on the climb. He’s tough. Without a doubt, I led a really good horse, certainly a future GNT horse. ” Thoroughly from one end of the track to the other, the steam roller Fetish Trump (4- F. Lagadeuc) need not be ashamed of his second place, although his coach, Charley Mottier, admitted at the end of the race: “This race was his goal. He is second but abused. I’m very disappointed. ” Forced to move forward in thickness in the last turn, Festive charming (10- D. Bonne) showed courage to retain third place at the expense of the excellent finisher First of March (6- JG Van Eeckhaute), came to the outside of the track.

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