Thursday , July 29 2021

Karim Case: Senegal must ask himself

The UN Committee on Human Rights has just sent Senegal to the case against the son of former President Abdoulaye Wade.

It is clear from the document that Karim Wade's terms of prosecution and conviction have to be reviewed and that our country must in the future prevent this from happening to other citizens.

A true disavowal reminiscent of the one who hit the country "Teranga" during the trial of former Mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sall.

The ECOWAS court had issued an opinion that was not approved by the procedure, in particular with respect to the imprisoned right.

And this is not the first time that international authorities have attacked Senegal in connection with these two cases.

Both the UN and ECOWAS courts were not the first to judge Senegal over these two cases.

These are cases that have arisen in connection with accountability and which generate great passion just because of the opposition policies.

Both the defenders and those who condemn them do it with passion. Especially the statements of politicians.

This controversy at national level has divided the country into two opposing camps: the power and opposition.

Today, after ECOWAS, the UN has made the trips that had the advantage of objectively pointing to a fundamental problem: our legal system, both in its legal architecture and in its practice. Today there are serious shortcomings that need to be corrected quickly. This speech is far from being a politician, must be interpreted to its true value and viatic server for future jurisprudence.

This is not the analysis of a journalist, even less the speech of an opponent or defender of human rights.

You must avoid any kind of controversy about it even though the Minister of Justice is entitled to say that it is not binding.

Today, the necessary substantive legal reforms are slow in coming. Neither the registry's or citizens' agitations have been used to reform, for example, a jurisdiction like Crei, and to reform this exceptional court with questionable use, or to adapt our texts and laws to the international standards we have ratified and signed.

The fact of the President of the Republic to preside the High Council of Higher Education, excessive navel association between the law firm and the office, systematic preventive detention in some cases, the failure of the court to the CEO with its consequences on Negative Practices in progress requires a radical break at this level.

We can not continue to be in the international institutions 'borders for serious violations of certain citizens' rights.

Enough is enough. Our justice deserves more than an instrumentation that can even earn, tomorrow, those who are now in power.

This is the meaning of the UN and ECOWAS messages. And then the big nations go forward by avoiding doing vendetta, a national sport.

For the current legal procedures, if not received, will install a dynamic of permanent revenge and justice among the winners who do not leave any place for the defeated.

It is obvious that those who come after Macky will have the first concern to exercise their relatives.

This is what must be avoided in the future. To make sure we realize that the election contest has taken over the rest.

Everything is a balance of power in our country and the weakest are systematically crushed.

Unfortunately, the judiciary is often out of arms for those who are strong in bringing together the legality of its unknown political settlement plan.

Now that the United Nations has spoken, we have to ask ourselves.

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