Tuesday , August 16 2022

In debt is the risk of daughter of Moustapha Niass and her husband!



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Mama Abyssata Niasse, daughter of the National Assembly Speaker, Moustapha Niasse and her husband is in trouble. The CBC will continue, on November 13, to the auction of their 2000 m2 plot located in Almadies. The price is 151 million CFA francs.

Mama Abyssata Niasse and her husband are entangled in this case because of Tangus, a fast-food fast food project. The pair had raised a loan of one billion CFA francs from Cbao to finance its business, which went down. Can not pay its debt, the couple had on the back bank.


Pis, Medical Partner, Project Partner, paid the price as well. The company owned by a Libano-Senegalese lost operating his building that he had borrowed. This, located in the Cité Keur Gorgui of 1500 square meters, is priced at 121 million.

Source: Metro Dakar



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