Friday , July 1 2022

Ecobank is committed to health in Africa – AFRICA RENDEZ VOUS


Ecobank EA Academy in collaboration with Ecobank FE Foundation launches a development program to improve health systems in Africa through careful financial management. The program aims to give managers effective training with strong operational opportunities.

" The bank is now an interest in the usual banking industry in 36 African countries and fully supports those organizations that continuously work to promote socio-economic transformations of our societies in synergy with governments and the private sector. "Sa Amin Manekia, President of the Ecobank Group.

This program should deepen the competence of operational and fund management agencies. As a result, it is divided into several categories. It is about leadership, knowledge management and sharing of best practice. In addition, the initiative aims at helping operational partners play their part in creating lasting effects in the communities they earn. Grant managers should be at the forefront of the task of combating HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and epidemics. Among other things, they need to develop robust and resilient health systems.

According to Simon Rey, CEO of the Ecobank Academy and Organizational Development and Talent, and Carl Manlan, Head of the Ecobank Foundation, this program is organized with the firm conviction that by training and equipping an ecosystem of financial managers in the development sector to save lives, every CFA Franc, every dollar or every paid Euro will to a large extent have earned the cause.

Keep in mind that the program has been established by the Ecobank Academy and Global Fund, supported by other leading financial management, leadership and business organizations.

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