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Aramco deplore the absence of "voluntary international" versus les attaques

The patron would not patrol so Aramco aplenty here the absence of action internationally to the potential new attacks on the installation patrol, but in April, from the sites of the sites of the Arab Saudi.

"The Absence of the Volunteer International for Predicting Measures of the Risk of the Encourageers of the Farmers and, Effectively, the Augmentations of the Risks of the Security of Global Energy," and affirmation here Amin Nasser, PDG d'Aramco, à l ' occasional conference of the sector in Londres.

The production of patrol of the Arabie Saoudite, the plus major exporter global of noir, avait the brutal redistribution of the month – 5.7 million barrels per year, thus 6% of the global production – April aggression, condemnée on the part of the Unis qui ont accusé l'Iran d'en et être responsable. Read frappes avaient provoqué des incendies dans deux sites du gant Aramco et avaient fait brièvement bondir les prix du brut de 20%. Il sont depuis retombés sous leur level d'orors.

L'Arabie saoudite affirme depuis avoir plinement retouvé sa capacitance of production agency in the lattice, tout and disant «très inquiète» on the subject of the offer of noir in 2020. M. Nasser and confirm here the national social the hydrocarbons at revenue at six levels of production of the contract: "Now some are looking for a return to notre capacity for maximum production of 12 million barrels per year in late November", at- il précisé. Sans ces capacities, it is the march avait craint of the provision of saudien in the long term, "the reaction (the march) aurait été beaucoup plus vive et durable", and in fact remarks M. Nasser, who insisted: "Read attaques n 'just pass the touch on' Arabie saoudite, but the economics of global and community international energy. »

Conduct a couple of companies in a new firm of "the company is on loan" for the introduction and stock market. Quelques jours après l'attque, the president of the administration of the patrol, Yassir al-Roumayyan, avai assure of the operation boursière's poursuivrait comme prévu et aurait lieu sous 12 mo.

Source: AFP

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