Thursday , October 6 2022

APR – Macky: “When I appoint a minister, I do not ask his opinion. And when …”


President Macky Sall received this Friday, December 4, at the Palace of the Republic of Senegal in the diaspora. During this meeting, the head of state warned “frustrated“From April, his party, after the latest change.

When I appoint a minister …

For President Macky Sall, being a minister is not an end in itself. “When I appoint a minister, I do not ask for his opinion. And when I replace him, I do not have to ask him either“, Underlines the head of state that L’Obs has taken over.

“Unthinkable” …

He did not fail to warn the new ministers. “I asked ministers to be role models. Above all, to be open to inquiries and to have an attentive ear for activists and Senegalese. To me, it is inconceivable that we appoint someone to a post as Minister, with all the benefits, and that he refuses to accept Senegalese“, Adds President Sall.

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