Wednesday , September 28 2022

URGENT Ahli threatens to withdraw from the league


Al-Amri Farouq, Vice President of the Al-Ahli Club, about the lack of masses presence in the games, specifically
Al-Ahmar matches Arab entrepreneurs in the absence of the Board's approval
Security for his presence.

He threatened
Ameri Farouk, In order not to continue the matches
In the league championship this will happen and will continue to block the fans in the coming period.

He said
Al-Amiri during a telephone conversation on the radio broadcast "Youth and Sport": "Talk
Amer Hussein, chairman of the competition committee to prevent the masses from joining the agreement and civil security is a shame
Indeed, we were stuck at the last moment in the presence of the masses, and continued straight with Ashraf Subhi
The Minister for Youth and Sports this morning because of this file. "

He added:
"Tomorrow, there will be a delegation from club Ahli meeting with some officials from the Interior Ministry
And the sports minister, to talk about it. "

He continued:
"We do not want any kind of crisis in the coming period, we will endure until the end but this
Al Ahli is in trouble for his fans, I want people to understand what's happening now, the board goes
Under pressure, we must play games in the presence of the masses otherwise, we will not play games in the league. "

Abizaid said:
"There must be five thousand fans present in the team as other clubs,
We did not ask for an exception, and people should know that we can make a decision though
We do not want to export issues. "

"He continued
Vice President Ahli: "The football file is well followed, and some details will be done
We explain that, and this file is handled by Mahmoud Khatib, the president of the personal club,
There are good things we will announce. "

He finished
Al-Amri Farouq: "They hold some anger by Ahli fans because we are responsible for it,
Things will be better in the near future, and I hope to stop surplus and more
Because we will talk with the names, because these rumors are intended to provoke rebel in the national and the other
It is true that there are divisions in the board. "

It is mentioned
Al-Ahli has a game against the Arab entrepreneurs today in the sixteenth round
Of the tournament.

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