Monday , January 17 2022

Total diabetic patients do not realize their relationship to heart disease


The Emirates Diabetes Society has revealed the results of a study of Type 2 diabetes patients, conducted by Ipsos Research and Consultancy, to understand how to handle the disease and the nature of the patient's daily lives in addition to knowledge about the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with diabetes .

The survey, which combined the views of 604 type 2 diabetes patients in the UAE, showed a gap of knowledge and low awareness of type 2 diabetes as well as low knowledge of the risk factors and complications associated with the disease.

The study also revealed the presence of misconceptions about the disease and related cases and how to handle it. Important results include:

• Half of the participants were not aware of the high risk of cardiovascular disease.

• Only 20% of respondents agree that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in type 2 diabetics. Patients are not fully aware of the severity of cardiovascular disease associated with diabetes. 55% do not think they lead to death.

• Fewer than two thirds of respondents saw enough knowledge of type 2 diabetes but have not yet recognized that cardiovascular disease is associated with diabetes and sees obesity more serious than type 2 diabetes.

• Most patients have diabetes-related symptoms, such as obesity and high blood pressure, and most people see that the disease is high levels of sugar in the blood followed by insufficiency of insulin.

The relationship between type 2 diabetes and heart disease

"Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic not only in the UAE but also around the world," said Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al Madani, president of the Emirates Diabetes Association. Despite increased efforts, consciousness is still low, a significant gap in type 2 diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with it.

"The risk of cardiovascular disease is high in patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, often associated with patients.

It is important to assess the risks for each individual individually through regular medical examinations and the patient's sincere dialogue with his physician due to the importance of the cardiovascular disease and diabetes relationship and there are now new treatments for type II diabetes showing a significant improvement in the mortality of cardiovascular diseases in the trial Clinical trials. "

The relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease is complicated. Diabetes is an important cause of cardiovascular disease and some common diseases among people with diabetes, such as high blood pressure and obesity.

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