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The UN helped the regime and Russia in the bombing of Idlib

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Foreign policy: UN helped the regime and Russia in the bombing of Idlib, Thursday August 22, 2019 22:51

"Foreign Policy" American newspaper, that a UN program helped the "Assad regime" and Russia in the bombing of revolutionary factions, by transferring the coordinates of the opposition factions positions to the Russian government.

The newspaper said in a report: "The United Nations shares with Russia the coordinates of medical facilities in the territory controlled by the opposition, to ensure that they are not bombed, but this system seems to achieve the opposite of its obvious goals."

The report pointed out that this system is not working and stressed that up to 46 civilian facilities in Idlib were attacked during the Syrian regime's recent campaign against the province.

She continued: at least 14 medical facilities, within the UN list, were attacked, according to the "Syrian American Medical Association", and pointed out that the bombing reveals knowledge of the regime and Russia, the sites of the facilities when they were properly met.

It was not the first time known facilities were targeted. In March and April 2018, four well-known health facilities were also attacked by the regime and Russia.

Syrian regime attacks destroyed the last hospital in the city of Telmens in rural Idlib, reinforcing the suspicions that the regime and Russia had access to medical coordinates in opposition areas.

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