Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Jordan Theater Festival celebrates its silver anniversary


Amman – In the presence of a number of Arab artists, the Jordan Theater Festival celebrated its silver jubilee at the headquarters of the Royal Cultural Center in Amman.
"The performance of the festival for more than 25 years reflects the presence of culture and love of the theater, which exceeded the workers in the cultural and theater scene to move them to members of Jordanian society," said Minister of Culture Mohammed Aburman at the opening of the 25th session of the festival .
"The prosperity of festivals year after year is a sign of the vitality and prosperity of the Arab and Earthly theater scene," he said in his speech.
The festival was honored by director Hatem El Sayed, Marwan Hamarna and Margo Aslan from Jordan.
The program includes ten games from Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Tunisia and Oman that compete for the festival prizes organized by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Jordanian Artists Syndicate.

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