Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Egyptian authorities follow the legal situation of the killing of a pharmacist in Saudi Arabia

Egyptian media quoted Ambassador Nabila Makram, Prime Minister of Migration and Egyptian Abroad, and said she communicated with the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh to follow up on the unfortunate event of the drug's death, especially the surrender of the deceased's body.

The Foreign Minister confirmed that the embassy and consulate followed the legal situation and accelerated the prosecution's documents also during the weekend.

The Al-Ahram newspaper quoted Dr. Mohieddin Obaid, Head of Pharmacy Syndicate and President of the Arab Pharmacists Union, who said he received a phone call on Friday from engineer Yasser Al-Juhraji, chief of Al-Nahdi Company, whose pharmacy Ahmed Taha was killed in the UK. Saudi Arabia.

He added that the company's head confirmed the degree of completion of the procedures for the return of the body and the formation of a defense association for law firm and the use of another group in Saudi Arabia and he welcomed the accession of an Egyptian lawyer to follow the procedure.

The medical director explained that al-Juhraji stressed that Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to this incident, and that fair punishment is the only criterion for solving this crisis.

Saudi police arrested suspicion of killing the Egyptian pharmacist 20 minutes after the incident. The pharmacist was taken to a nearby private hospital, but immediately after having arrived with seven rods in his chest.

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