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The correct way to be affected by car owners regarding replacement after rainfall is!


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Gulf 365 – Riyadh – Posted 1 minute ago – 7:27 am, November 10, 2018


Attorney Abdullah Al-Ghwainem said that those injured by the owners of the vehicles that had been detained because of rain had the right to sue. Stresses that in the event that no compensation or ineligible compensation can be submitted can be submitted to the administrative court.
According to the "already" added: The injured who detained their vehicles on Friday, in the tunnels of Riyadh due to rain or fell in the pools of water, request for compensation. Point out that it is important that the victim photographed his fallen car, or after withdrawing, and filed a claim for civil defense.
He stressed that the injured party must claim compensation to the municipalities and the secretaries, and to pay compensation for them because the failure of these parties caused them harm. Point out that the previous steps must be before the vehicle repair, and finally sent the car to assess the damage "Sheikh Exhibitions" before they issue compensation from the financial.

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