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Strengthening the partnership between Cairo and Riyadh contributes to the stability of the Arab region


The most important news in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today: Wednesday, November 28, 2018
With details about the news Saudi news today: Egyptian Parliament: Strengthening the partnership between Cairo and Riyadh is of interest to Arab stability

Cairo – Ali Farraj:

"Egyptian leadership welcomes the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman in support of the stability of Saudi Arabia and to stopping Egypt, along with the people and the Saudi leadership, in the context of the media war that has been going on for some time," Suleiman Wahdan, pointing out that Egypt can not forget the position of Saudi leadership in addition to it in many positions since the January Revolution until now. He stated in a press release that the visit of Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Cairo was an important step in strengthening the strategic relations between the two countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dia is one of Egypt's greatest followers and its people through history and this visit has a special character and brings together historical ties and relationships in Egypt on the level and peoples levels since the rise of the kingdom. Deputy Deputy Secretary pointed out that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the bastion of Islam and Muslims. They lead the Islamic world's ship to the Iranian and Western plans to divide the region and adds that the strengthening of the strategic partnership between Cairo and Riyadh is of interest to the stability of the entire Arab region. The House of Representatives has said that the relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is strategic, the Arab nation and Isla. Standing firm against the systems that face the nation, emphasizing that Arabs in Arabs stand for the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against anyone trying to undermine them or attempt to harm them.

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