Tuesday , August 16 2022

«Sports Authority» launches «Formula E Village». And a million riyals for the winners


«Okaz» (News)

The General Sports Authority starts Thursday the "Formula E Village" event in Al Khobar and continues until Saturday where the public will be able to experience the atmosphere of this major competition through this event that will circumvent a number of Saudi Arabian cities to engage the public and fans of motorsport in A new educational and entertainment experience.

The success of Formula E Village allows all fans to get to know the race in detail and get all the information about the event and a wide range of technically enhanced entertainment activities aimed at creating a sustainable lifestyle that is one of the most important goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030 , Operated by the General Authority for Sport.

Formula E Village also has electronic devices that allow visitors to simulate the Formula One car drive and go around the world's leading racetrack, as well as the virtual reality that introduces visitors to future technologies, while EA will be held in the village, and the participants will compete for the awards of money dedicated to this event worth a million riyaler.

The General Sports Authority is preparing to kick off the Initial Round of the Formula E Contest, held in the Governorate of Diriyah on December 15, where all committees complement all preparations for this international sporting event held for the first time in Saudi Arabia, which comes as an extension of the many events and events of the various global sports organized and evaluated by the public authority for sports in different regions of the Kingdom.

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