Wednesday , October 5 2022

News 24 "Health": low incidence of AIDS among Saudi people. And 97% of the infection caused by unprotected sex


pictureThe Department of Health confirmed Tuesday that the incidence of AIDS among saudis this year is 4% lower than in 2016 and 5% higher than in 2017, where the ratio of men to women aged 15-49 years was 4: 1 approx.

The prevalence of infection by unprotected sex was approximately 97% of the total number of infected infections, including contagious transmission.

The Ministry's goal is to implement initiatives to provide services to all sectors of primary health care, to implement advisory programs at a large number of health centers and to increase the treatment of sexually transmitted infections in all regions of primary and hospital care.

Community competence is also used to integrate aid control and behavioral modification programs for all members of society. Many studies, research and epidemiological surveillance have been conducted to provide data and pathological and behavioral information to identify the epidemic-related determinants and follow-up of its development.

According to studies, unprotected sexual behavior among adolescents is the most important driver of the epidemic. Patients are monitored in specialized treatment centers to assess their condition and provide the best and most modern medication for those who need them. The Kingdom has adopted the nineteenth strategy for the elimination of HIV and was one of the first countries in the region to achieve removal targets.

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