Wednesday , June 16 2021

Launch a plan to provide students with technical and technical skills and prepare them in the labor market

Education Minister Dr Ahmed Al-Issa revealed the Ministry's plan to train and equip high school students with technical and technical skills to spread the professional working culture, improve the stereotype of activities, work and professional projects and create the opportunities needed to support and strengthen innovation.
"There is an old criticism of production from high school students who do not have enough skills when entering the labor market. We would start at this stage by providing them with technical and vocational training and utilizing these practical workshops in schools."
Al-Issa later said about the launch of technical and professional workshops for the Maher initiative at the University of Prince Faisal bin Fahd, Riyadh, that the implementation of this initiative, which comes within the framework of the Ministry's efforts to improve the education style, will be expanded to include all secondary and intermediate levels. All support from the Crown Prince's Human Capacity Development Project, which will announce many programs and initiatives in the field of education.
He pointed out that the ministry looks forward to the opening of 80 workshops in 80 secondary schools to complete the number of workshops after a few days to 100 workshops in upper secondary school and notes that they are studying possible opportunities and requirements to implement the Maher initiative in all upper secondary schools for kings and boys, teachers and educators with the necessary skills as a result of the support that the initiative can provide students with learning professional skills, disseminating professional culture in upper secondary schools and promoting positive values ​​and attitudes toward professional work.

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