Monday , January 25 2021

Jobs for foreign engineers in Jizan and the "Ministry of Labor" attached!

Director of the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs of the Jazan region, Ahmed Al-Qunfhadi, disclosed the details of a job advertisement via Twitter, and asked engineers to work at the King Abdullah International Airport project in Jizan, explaining the details of the announcement.

"The image of the ad is not issued by an organization or company, but from an email whose source or owner we do not know and the information contained therein is not reasonable, regardless of whether it is the salary or character of the required business," said the hedgehog in tweet via their Twitter account. Just after the secretariat has stopped long, the company is currently engaged in landfill. "

He added: "The Inspector, however, was focused on controlling the matter through communication with the company assigned to the project and management of Jazan Airport."

"The company's management in the region confirmed that the message was incorrect, that the company is engaged in the approved work systems and that their recruitment takes place regularly through the headquarters in Riyadh. The company will attract Saudi workers to work in the project after completion of settlement and landfill."

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