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IFA 2019: 5G network takes center stage

IFA International Expo has become more prominent this year, especially when it came in conjunction with the nearly 5G operation, and although it is considered one of the largest consumer electronics exhibitions in Europe, the focus is not often on smartphones, but this did not prevent companies from Reveal About 5G technology, new phones are supported.

Unlike other trade shows such as MWC, the focus was not on high-quality phones, but instead on making 5G networks affordable.

IFA 2019, which started this week in Berlin, saw Samsung announce the 5G mid-range phone as the company launched its flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 10, and companies such as Motorola and Nokia have promised to introduce new devices. Next year at a lower cost than most existing 5G phones today.

Qualcomm said it will support the cheapest Snapdragon processors with the X55 5G mid-range modem, which will be launched next year. A move that will usually lower the price of phones.

5G is the technology that will change the world, providing faster, more reliable and high-speed Internet connections. This means relying more on cloud services and creating a new class of electronic devices that can exchange data and information quickly enough to make immediate decisions. But like all new technologies, the first 5G products will be expensive.

Here are the highlights of 5G at IFA 2019:

1- Lower the price of units, 5G chips:

The average price for most of the leading 5-generation phones is more than $ 1,000, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G priced at $ 1300, the most expensive $ 400 from the Galaxy S10 4G and the most expensive $ 200 from the Note 10 Plus 4G. The 5G version of Galaxy Fold is equivalent to $ 2,000 in South Korea, where it does not offer the 4G version of the phone there, while the 4G version in the US will cost $ 1980.

Most other 5G phones are also expensive, with LG's V50 ThinQ priced at $ 1152, the Oppo Reno 5G priced at about $ 1,030 and the Huawei Mate X folding phone will cost $ 2,600 when it goes on sale next month.

Consequently, lowering the price of 5G devices and chips will motivate many consumers to upgrade their phones after years of stagnant sales in the market.

2- Galaxy A90 5G:

IFA 2019: 5G network takes center stage

Samsung revealed on the sidelines of its participation in the IFA 2019 exhibition a new mid-range phone supporting the fifth generation network called (Galaxy A90 5G), which is the first phone to support the fifth generation network in the series (Galaxy A), and will be available at a price of about $ 827, less For about $ 500 from other 5G phones from Samsung.

Samsung said on Friday at the IFA show: "It has sold 2 million 5G phones since it began selling its first device in May." This is expected to increase to 4 million by the end of 2019. While 2 million represents a large number of devices sold with new technology, it is a very small fraction of the total sales of smartphones from Samsung. In the second quarter alone, Samsung delivered 76.3 million smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics.

3 – cheaper chips:

IFA 2019: 5G network takes center stage

Qualcomm announced on the sidelines for its participation in IFA 2019, it will integrate the X55 5G modem – currently only available in the processors of leading phones, for example: Snapdragon 855 – in the Snapdragon 7 and Snapdragon 6 processor series, which runs mid-range smartphones.

Qualcomm also said: “Its partners are developing more than 150 designs with their 5G processors, and so far 12 suppliers have said they plan to use the company's cheaper Snapdragon 5G chip. This includes companies such as: Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Real.

Samsung and Huawei have also revealed the integration of the new 5G modem into their processors. The Samsung Exynos 980 is the first processor to have a 5G modem integrated, making all devices more energy efficient and reducing costs. Commercial scale production will start later this year, which means it will likely be in units that will be shown in early 2020.

Huawei has also integrated the 5G modem into the Kirin 990 processor, which will work with the Mate 30 smartphone, which will be announced on September 19 in Munich.

Lowering chip prices will contribute significantly to lower phone prices and support for 5 G. Many market analysts believe this will motivate consumers to upgrade their phones to newer models.

IFA 2019: 5G network takes center stage

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