Wednesday , October 5 2022

«Health»: Program "Advice" to block HIV infection – Saudi news


The Ministry of Health has launched awareness activities in connection with World AIDS Day, which falls on Sunday. Health has introduced many preventive and cure strategies to prevent new infections and provide healthcare to the injured and their families, identify factors related to infection and the disease stage, take action, address the risk of infection, implement communication programs aimed at those most exposed groups and contain infectious agents through counseling programs. The Ministry is currently implementing initiatives to extend these programs to provide services to all parts of society, to implement advisory programs at a large number of health centers, to expand the treatment of sexually transmitted infections in all primary and hospital care regions and to use society's empowerment for to integrate HIV / For all members of society and the work of many studies and research and epidemiological surveillance to provide continuous data and information pathologically and behaviorally to know the determinants associated with the epidemic and follow-up.

A control strategy

Studies have shown that the most prominent methods of transmission in Saudi Arabia are the unprotected sexual behavior among young people and the epidemic's main engine which requires synergy between different sectors and follow-up patients in specialized treatment centers to assess the condition and provide the best and latest drugs to them who needs it. The Kingdom has adopted the Ninth Strategy for the Elimination of HIV and was one of the first countries in the region to achieve the elimination targets. The incidence of HIV / AIDS is 3 cases per 10,000. A decrease in cases detected by Saudis this year is 4% higher than 2016 and 5% lower than the year before 2015. The proportion of men among women among the cases detected and registered by the Saudis in 2017 is about 1: 4, and the AIDS-infected Saudis age group discovered in 2017 (15-49 years) is 81%.

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