Friday , October 7 2022

Hamdi Al Mirghani answers Mohammed Sobhi (video)


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Actor Hamdi al-Mirghani, a member of the Egyptian theater group, said that the artist Mohammed Sobhi was tall, but his latest comments about the band's performance were not diplomatic.

He said in his meeting with the "Episode 11" program on space "OnE", on Tuesday night, that "Mohamed Sobhi abused the band and his statements fall under drafts and delusions".

He added: "I have the right not to agree with him in the opinion, we do not underestimate the name of Egypt, and our audience represents all the layers and categories of Egyptian society."

In an earlier television interview, Mohamed Sobhi refused to release the Egyptian theater at Ashraf Abdel Baki's performances. He said, "I have nothing wrong. If I call theater teams in Egypt, I'll do it every day, except for prayer."

Sobhi said he was "a product of a generation of pioneers and greats who gave Egypt his reputation, as Abdel Nasser is left in Morocco and opposed to his motorway and telling him to give me Ismail Yassin.

There are artists who are based in homes without work because of their dignity, they do not want to make their own mistakes, but if you worked a lot of money, there's still a defect in Egypt, enough and the oldest remaining art. "

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