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Friends of the Egyptian pharmacist tell about his death in Saudi Arabia: "come back as strange as he was"

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On Thursday night, in the southern city of Jazan, 20-year-old Ahmed Taha was standing at Al-Nahdi Pharmacy, as usual during the night shift. Sales and shopping were calm, like the cold weather. The three-year-old, infiltrated behind the young pharmacist, pushed him with seven white spells, the young pharmacist tried to defend himself, but he got a last stick in the heart and returned him "strange as it was".

"Ahmed Taha. Age. 29 years", with broken words and Mabhouh's voice, Muhammad A., 30, knew a salesman for a Saudi drug company, the victim's identity Ahmed Taha, did not expect "Mohammed" that his friend "" His life will end this way, "he says." Strange in a strange country. "

When the clock crossed at 6 pm Mohammed received a phone call saying: "At an event taking place in Al-Nahdi Pharmacy in Jazan." As a representative of a pharmaceutical company, most Egyptian pharmacists are known to work in Saudi Arabian pharmacies. Mohammed "to the pharmacy, to find his friend drowned in his blood after being killed by a customer.

Ahmed Taha Egyptian pharmacist killed in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed says that Ahmad's body was transferred to Ami's hospital in the same city, but death did not give his friend a last chance to leave or tell them the last message they bring to his family in Egypt. Ahmed was supported by the wounds, but the basic staff reached the heart, but the first we got the hospital. "

From Ami's Hospital to Jazan's General Hospital, the body was transported by the young pharmacist, his friend Mohammed, by dark roads from the hospital port to the lung. Ahmed's body went and was surrounded by his friends who had taken them from home. To see his friend's body settle inside the fridge to save the dead, "is our fault that we live on a living." Says "Mohammed" and then cries.

The incident information, as recorded by the pharmacy cameras, was published in a video published on social networks a few hours ago. The recorded material matches the story of his friend Mohammed, who said: "In a Saudi customer he bought from the pharmacy, told him the pharmacy system, which prescribes the need for an invoice, Saudiarabin's insulted Ahmed," did not accept the Egyptian pharmacist's verbal insult that the customer left, and then returned the next day, on Thursday and retrieved.

Ahmed Taha Egyptian pharmacist killed in Saudi Arabia

Ahmad's friends claim that he is a young man: "an athlete, a good person" and what happened to him "betrayal and betrayal".

When the Saudi customer insulted the young Egyptian chemist, he cooled the insult because of a "living" but he called his mother in Egypt after what happened, and at the time of his daily conversation he told him: "Blash is having trouble." Ahmed is single, I'm so happy to help his family, especially his daddy in heart, "said Ahmad Jamal, a 28-year-old architect living in Saudi Arabia, who added other personal information about the victim.

The dream of a young pharmacist was "simple", as his friend Gamal told us. "He loved himself and he was happy." But he left before he realized his dreams. Jamal was silent for a moment. Then he remembered that he had a date with his friend, On Friday, but he will go to give him the last goodbye, look at the "dead refrigerator", hoping to be "cool and peaceful."

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