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Free treatment for PLWHA and examination in affected areas to investigate new infections – S A N A



Director of the National Program for Combating AIDS in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Jamal Khamis, launched a survey of 15,000 people at national level to investigate infections of the disease to update program data and access to a precise share of the spread of AIDS in Syria.

Dr. Khamis told Sana at a workshop organized by the Ministry of Health that the random investigation will concentrate in the affected areas, which gave security and stability in different provinces.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, cases of AIDS registered in Syria since 1987 to the end of 2017 have reached 902 cases, of which 332 non-Syrian and 570 acids, of which 227 died.

Khamis stressed that the ministry continues to provide free treatment for people living with AIDS, as well as diagnostic services, follow-up and counseling through five advisory centers and seven laboratories distributed in several provinces, pointing out the existence of a plan to rehabilitate laboratories and centers affected by terrorist attacks.

According to the program director, the practice of sexual abuse is the main cause of infection in Syria and by 69 percent, but no case of blood transfusion since 1992 following the application of the protocol for testing all blood-borne blood samples, indicating the reduction in the transmission of AIDS from pregnant women to the son to about 2 percent after the implementation of a treatment protocol from the fourth month to birth.

The Ministry of Health provides voluntary testing to anyone who wishes and treats free of charge for people living with the disease since 2007.

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