Saturday , July 2 2022

For this reason, "Food and Medicine" has stopped using AZIMAC 250


Riyadh – Harmony

The Saudi Food and Drug Administration has issued a circular to all health authorities to discontinue the use of 17DJ55 from AZIMAC 250 mg film-coated tablet, manufactured by Riyadh Pharma Medical and Cosmetic Products Co. Ltd. due to the different concentration of packaging on the outer packaging. 250 mg "from what is mentioned on the" 500 mg "inner strip, which may lead to the double dose.

The Authority pointed out that a report on the difference in the concentration of the outer pack of AZIMAC 250 mg from the product's internal adhesive tape and verified the presence of imbalance and instructed the manufacturer to immediately withdraw the incorrect operation, in addition to issuing a circular to all healthcare authorities to discontinue use. .

The product's mark is AZIMAC 500 mg, film-coated tablet and scientific name AZITHROMYCIN, and date of validity 08/2020, and pointed out that the inspectors had taken over 55600 bottles of that product at the company's drug store in Riyadh.

The FDA advised consumers to check that the concentration on the packaging is consistent with that stated on the inner tape of the product, to stop taking it and to see a doctor.

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