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Egypt News: Arab journalists urge Arab governments to legislate to consolidate media freedom


Egypt News: Egypt Today: Tuesday 27 November,
News Details: Egypt's urgent news – Egypt News: Arab journalists urge Arab governments to legislate to consolidate media freedom

The General Secretariat of the Union of Arab Journalists discussed the agenda, especially the freedom of the Arab world, the status of the press and the challenges it faces, and the future plans and programs of the Union and strengthen relations with the International Federation.

This came under the chairmanship of Muayyad al-Lami, President of the Federation in Damascus, and in the presence of the Chairman of the Abdul Wahab Al-Zghailat Freedom Committee and the President of the Union of Syrian Reporters Mousi Abdel Nour and Presence of the Vice-President of the International Federation of Journalists Younis Mujahid .

And decided to launch a broad campaign to protect and preserve media freedom and urge all Arab countries and their governments to adopt laws, regulations and regulations that anchor the freedom of media and pluralism in the Arab world.

And felt that the core of the Union's work is the freedom of the media and the consolidation of the concepts of pluralism and commitment to the highest standards guaranteeing free access to information and violation of these freedoms.

And unanimously adopted the reports from the administrative and financial union provided by Secretary General Khalid Miri and Nasser Abu Bakr, Vice President of the Federation and Union Finance Secretary.

The General Secretariat decided to adopt the report of the Freedom Committee after examining the report of the Freedom Committee submitted by the chairman of the committee, Professor Abdelwahab Al-Zghailat, on the reality of media freedom and its barriers, as well as the violations that must be stopped against journalists and the arrest and politics policy.

And decided to update and develop the Freedom Committee's work and results in accordance with an overall plan that the Committee should submit to the Secretariat on the basis of international professional standards.

In connection with the pressures of the press, it was decided to organize a conference and workshop in cooperation with the Arab League at the beginning of next year to arrive at effective recommendations from editors from all Arab countries to preserve this important legacy in the Arab media history and to protect journalists' rights in this sector.

It also decided to hold workshops and symposia and coordinate with the International Journalist League to cope with this technological development by qualifying the Arab press cadres, especially the youth area, and developing a new vision for regulations and laws to develop this sector and provide legal, professional and professional protection for them. .

With regard to the development of Union work, it was decided to form a committee to draft a strategic action plan that will contribute to the development of Union mechanisms and enable its efficiency at all levels and for three short, medium and long-term phases.

The Union urged the Arab media to promote pluralism, the language of constructive dialogue, and stop media campaigns that deepen the division, as well as the commitment not to promote hatred, violence and the discourse of extremism.

The General Secretariat adopted a series of measures in connection with the development of Union work, strengthens its professional role in Arab and international forums and strengthens the relationship and partnership with the International Federation of Journalists.

The General Secretariat examined Israeli aggression and crime against the Palestinian people, especially journalists, the last of which was the attack on delegations from the Arab and International Federation of Journalists at the entrance to Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Palestine.

By expressing its condemnation of this glorious act, the secretariat confirms the continuation of legal proceedings against the perpetrators of Israeli crimes against Palestinian journalists in the international justice system and in all international forums.

The General Secretariat decided to set up a committee to establish a complete database to document cases of martyrs and wounded and to prosecute criminals and not be released from punishment by communicating with international organizations for referral to the court.

The secretariat listened to the report of the Syrian journalists' union on the crime of terrorism against the Syrian media and journalists, claiming the lives of more than fifty martyrs of the press and dozens of wounded and blocked satellite broadcasts.

He called on the Union to stop the media and sanctions on the Syrian media institutions.

The secretariat also welcomed the accession of the Syrian journalists to the membership of the International Federation and their commitment to Union standards.
The secretariat welcomes the Syrian people's victories over terrorism and welcomes the atmosphere of peace and love in Syria.

The association agreed to accept the membership of Djiboutian Journalists syndicate and invite it to attend the meetings of the next permanent presidency.
In summary, the Union's Secretariat General expresses its gratitude to the Syrian journalists' union and the Syrian people and their leadership for their hospitality and reception.

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