Al Rajhi explained that there is work and moves on the issue of the combined bill and fees for foreign workers. There is also work to free the third sector of added value. He said he is convinced that the third sector will be freed from all expenses because he contributes to the economy.

What is the third sector?
Although the minister repeated the word in the third sector in his speech more than once but the word raised questions from many citizens who have sought to search for the intended funds via social media and some of them received a response and some of them are looking still.
It is known that the third sector or charity sector are associations and institutions with non-profit charitable activities.
The administration of the two sacred mosques has paid great attention to the third non-profit sector and has made this sector a cornerstone of Vision 2030, inviting it to change and develop the country.

The role of the third sector in vision 2030

The vision also supported the development of the third sector and made it effective participation, providing economic and moral support to the sector's development and increasing its contribution to GDP compared with what it used to be.