Sunday , October 2 2022

Club: Salah is a world-class player


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp has confirmed that star Mohamed Salah is a world-leading player and points out that his injury to Real Madrid in the Champions League final has affected his early season.

"We had a long season, and most of the stars participated in the World Cup, which affected Salah's performance," he said.

"Salah suffered a shoulder injury and then rested between two or three weeks. This is not enough to give you 100% healing."

"The vacation the players received at the start of the season were not enough to rest, everyone felt his foot is still suffering from matches."

Liverpool boss continued to talk about the Liverpool star and said: "Salah returned to his level, not only in terms of goals but at the level of training after recovering from debt injury in the Champions League finals."

"Salah had to return to his strength to show his ability again, it was clear from the last time after recovering the sensitivity of the game, he needed time to be good."

"Salah is a world-leading player, he is still a threat to the rivals, he is calm in front of goals and he has the skill to score."

"It was clear from Salah that he had to do with the ball for the first time, although he scored 40 goals last season, but it is not important for me to go back to making the same number of goals last season."

Salah, Premier League top scorer last season, has scored seven goals in the Premier League with Liverpool and has scored two goals in the Champions League.

Salah will play in fires with Liverpool on Tuesday in front of Paris Saint-Germain in the fifth round of Group C matches in the Champions League.

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