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Billionaire Elon Musk regularly destroys his phones for "security reasons"

Elon Musk – Archive (AFP)

An employee of SpaceX, owned by American technology businessman Elon Musk, revealed that Musk systematically destroys its phones for security purposes and then acquires new phones.

According to the Daily Mail, some of the information in a legal file said Musk was systematically switching his phones for security purposes while scanning and destroying his old devices.

The documents were presented as part of an ongoing lawsuit between a mask and a diver named Vernon Answorth, who sued the CEO of defamation after Elon said in a previous tweet that he was sick of Bedophilia.

Musk had suggested using a small submarine to rescue a team of children and their trainers trapped in a cave in Thailand, which the diver who rescued the children described as a "propaganda ploy".

Mask's attorney, Alex Spiro, said Mask updated his phone (like many others) and sometimes changed his phone for security and sensitive information.

While Musk's practice of constantly destroying and replacing phones may seem strange to some, Checkpoint's chief of security technology, Maya Levin, said there are at least some benefits to this "crazy" behavior. "This is not bad. You just have to look at what happened to Jeff Bezos, who was facing a breakthrough on his phone and leaked some photos," she said.

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