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Arab Environmental Protection Document is an Arabic reference layer


In his speech at the announcement of the Arabic document for environmental protection and development, Dr Meshaal Bin Fahm Al-Salami, President of the Arab Parliament, said on November 27, 2018 in Oman the Sultanate that Arab's interest in preparing an "Arab Document for Protection and Development of the environment "Our Arab nation in the field of environment is a confirmation of determination to continue and trust in the ability of our Arab societies and their leadership to go to a better stage with God. The main purpose of the document was to use our resources and resources, S socioeconomic data and natural resources are huge.

Al-Salami stressed in his speech that the Arab Parliament's launch of the Arab Document for the Protection and Development of the Environment from the Oman Sultanate is a tribute to Oman's Sultanate for its care and care for the environment and the conservation and development of the Sultanate. Oman has become a leading model for conservation and development of the environment, but the international and this pride and pride and appreciation of the Arab people.

Al-Salami pointed out that the "Arab Document for Protection and Development of the Environment" was the result of extensive discussions and in-depth studies developed by the Committee on Social Affairs, Education and Culture, Women and Young People in the Arab Parliament, and approved by the Arab Parliament at its fifth meeting the fourth session of May 30, 2016, Based on the principles of Islamic Shari, the values ​​of authentic Arab culture and the established principles of human rights, living in a clean and appropriate environment and adopted by the Arab League at the summit. Until the twenty-seventh meeting in Saudi Arabia, "Summit of Jerusalem" under the leadership of the two sacred mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia in April, in a clear message of the Arab leaders to protect the Arab environment in order to achieve sustainable development.

The Arab Charter for Environmental Protection and Development is regarded as an Arabic reference law for the protection and development of the environment. It aims to rationalize, design and preserve the Arab environment and emphasize the strong reciprocity between environmental protection and natural resources and the concept of comprehensive and sustainable development in its political, economic, social and cultural dimensions. The Arab environment as one of the most important pillars of Arab national security, recognizing the risks to the Arab countries from escalating threats and violations, leading to depletion of natural resources The Arab countries, especially the risks and threats of war and conflict in some Arab countries, and the effects of abuse and criminal methods pursued by the brutal occupation of violence against the environment in occupied Palestine.

"The Arab Document for Protection and Development of the Environment" emphasized the great link between sustainable development and environmental protection, and that sustainable development and the environment are not only a desired target in the Arab area, but also because they are closely linked to dealing with climate change that threatens planet and Arab region. In particular, air pollution, hazardous waste and leaks such as nuclear radiation, poisonous smoke, pollution of water resources, desertification and drought, in order to help the Arab Parliament to contribute to the conservation of the environment. On the Arab environment, balance and protection of natural resources in the Arab countries, and to achieve overall and sustainable development, and take care of the rights of future generations.

The Arab parliamentary speaker praised the Arab countries' efforts to protect and develop the environment and set it up for ministries and executive agencies regarding protection and development of the environment. He pointed out the importance of law-making Arab legislatures in the form of laws that preserve and protect the Arab environment. When adopting such legislation.

The Arab League talks thanked the Sultanate, Parliament, the Government and the People of Oman to host the launch of the Arab Document for the Protection and Development of the Environment in Recognizing Sultanat's Interest in the Environment and Its Conservation and Sultanat's Legislative and Development Strategic Plans, Plans and programs. The first ten countries in the world will pay attention to the environment and the first Arab country to present a global award in the name of Sultan Qaboos International Environment Prize.

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