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Alto is the hero of "Argerel Resurrection". A journey between theater, television and cinema


Alto Champion
Alto is the hero of "Argerel Resurrection". A journey between theater, television and cinema
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No Balkan Doziatan is a Turkish actor and star, as in many series that has won him an Arab and international presence, especially the "Artegril Resurrection", which is currently being shown and seen generally around the world.

Altan was born on July 26, 1979 in Izmir, Turkey. Graduated from the University of "July 9" in dramatic arts. After graduating, he began acting in Istanbul in 2001. He also received a master's degree at Bahtha Shahir University in advanced theater technicians.

Has won the award for best actor at the Los Angeles Film Awards with his performance in the movie "Bear Avok Denis". The Altan participated in several games, and was also presented to the "Who Wins The Million" Program Turkish Program.

The balcony worked in Turkish series, especially the "Wolves Valley". Altan plays the role of starring in the series "Argerellal Resurrection" in Turkey and the world, representing Artigirl bin Sulaiman Shah, and the premiere "Artemaril Resurrection" began in 2014.

The series of events circles around the thirteenth century AD. and presents the injector Artegirl bin Sulaiman Shah, the leader of the Qai tribe, the father of Othman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire (656 AH / 1258 AD – 726 AH / 1326 AD).

The series "Argerel Resurrection" is broadcast in more than 85 countries and has seen the last three seasons around 3 billion and the current season is the last.

Altan is expected to participate in the sixth edition of the Doha Film Festival in Qatar from November 28 to December 3.

Good luck among the Arabs

In an interview in March 2018 with Al-Jazeera Mubasher, Alten expressed his success in the success of the series "Resurrection of Artgrel" in the Arab world, quoting the similarity between the Arab and Turkish cultures and stressing that he did not expect such success.

"We did not expect to achieve all this success," he said. "I have noticed many comments from the Arab world, especially when we go to Arab countries, and we notice it from the public."

The historical figure does not represent the Turks alone but represents the Muslim world, he said, referring to the success of the series in reviving and spreading Turkish customs and traditions in the world.

And his willingness to play the role he said it's not easy to imagine a real character, especially if they are so rich. In turn, he has argued that he must live and personalize the character, understand the stage and deepen it and actually as people thought differently.

It also shows that the preparation period lasted for six months and also included learning martial arts and using swords and spears and getting used to nature.

The altan showed that he was deeply influenced by Artegrill, who spent about four years waking up, sleeping and not caring for others.

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