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Abdul Qader Husseini .. The first encyclopedia of postal history in the Arab world

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The Encyclopedia of Postal History in the Arab World is the first scientific documentary work on post history in the world, and the foremost reference for researchers and stamp enthusiasts has been taken into consideration when the author provided the scientific material and documents in this subject, which was the author's work throughout her career. , where he was When he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, he worked at the National Post Authority in Egypt after spending his military service, and he designed many publications for the most important national occasions, and when he worked as a postmark and expert in Saudi Arabia he worked for eighteen years. Li wrote this encyclopedia with the help of experts and who are interested in this area, and encyclopedia consists of fourteen parts each part consists of 1200 pages large pieces dealt with the history of postal mix since the beginning of post to 2015 with the support of pictures and documents.

Al-Husseini had decided to establish a cultural institution to take care of creativity and young creators, he applied for the establishment of Abdulqader Al-Husseini Cultural Foundation in 2011 to be its activity at the republic level, and was licensed to establish the institution which has paid attention to its work in all cultural fields through the establishment of weekly cultural seminars Through the symbols of arts and culture in Egypt, and those honored by the poet Mohamed El Shahawy and the artist Mahmoud El Gendy, busy with culture and heritage and honoring the pioneers in all areas. Training workshops for plastic arts, language skills, singing and acting.

Al-Husseini is also a poet who has published more than one of them, including the Office of Whispers of Dawn Bird, the Office of Echo of Hamsty and the Office of Nidaa. The economic perspective and the book "How to participate in the exhibitions of local and international stamps?" And others. He is a member of several stamp associations in several Arab and foreign countries. He has more than two hundred postage designs of his design for Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He has worked since graduating as a postmark designer in Egypt, since the Saudi post since 1984. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, 1971.

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