Wednesday , May 18 2022

Without Todorenko, Topalov will not be able to resist addiction for a long time fans


Fans praise Regina for the fact that she had been able to help Vlad to finally get out of her abuse and led him to start a family.

Vlad Topalov for many years struggled with drug addiction, which came for him in difficult times. He eventually realized the dissatisfaction of his addiction and began fighting with him, not without the help of close people. Now he is a happy groom, and Regina Todorenko has appeared in her life, which many fans consider to be the sunniest and sweetest person who can only bring joy and happiness.

Fans think Topalov without Todorenko will not be able to resist long-term dependence and it will be very difficult for him to cope with everything in life because she breathed new powers into him and their common children will be his new incentive for self-improvement and make his family happy. The fans are sure that Vlad is really happy with such a beautiful woman as Regina and now he can live in peace with her, like a faithful man and a big friend.

However, many also do not deny Vlad's own advantage. His fans noted that his earnings in the fight against addiction are also not small because huge efforts are required to leave a heavy connection to drugs and continue to exist without them, to invest a lot of effort and money for this and finally make happy "sunny" a girl who thinks Todorenko is her fans.

The pair's fans are therefore convinced that their favorites will live happily ever after, and the story of their love will be an example of children, because they met in a difficult time, hiding their feelings for a long time, and now they are happy and finally ready to give his family a warm future baby.

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