Friday , October 7 2022

The homeless Shura decided to fight for housing: Apartment: House:


Singer Shura (Alexander Medvedev) filed a trial in the Cheremushkinsky court in Moscow against the new owner of his apartment, claiming that he fooled the property 15 years ago. Such information is contained in the material prepared by the artist's press service (it is available for "").

The property, which was the reason for the claim, was bought by Shura in 2003, now the market value is estimated at 35 million rubles.

The singer says that at the conclusion of the transaction were victims of black real estate agents. "The scammer came in his name in the contract instead of the real buyer of the apartment, but at that time no one was aware of it," explained the artist's press service. "Truth has opened (…) when unknown people tried to enter the residence and present documents according to which Shura is not the owner of his own apartment."

Medvedev filed applications with the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigation Committee and the Interior Ministry, but no criminal proceedings have yet been submitted.

The loss of the apartment Shura said in September 2018 in the television series "Hello, Andrew." "I've lived in my apartment for so many years and love her so much." Two months left for me to figure out where I'm going. "At 43 o'clock I'm homeless, says the artist." The new owner allowed Shura to stay in the apartment as tenant, but on December 1, as the press service notes, the singer must leave space.

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