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Sergey Shnurov and Olga Abramova, age difference, wedding: Happy newlyweds


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On October 20 this year, Rossmi information revealed that the showman, the singer and the permanent leader of the Hooligan group "Leningrad" Shnurov secretly marry his girlfriend – a socialist from St. Petersburg Olga Abramova, with whom he had a difference of 20 years .

At that moment, many thought that the wedding was fake, because everything went without traditional wedding celebrations. On October 24, the front of "Leningrad" disappeared from the Russian rumors of a false marriage. Shnurov published a photo with his fourth wife in his Instagram and followed him with a verse saying that he was "not a bachelor".

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Sergey Shnurov and Olga Abramova, Age Difference, Wedding: Details of the Life of His Darling

Olga Abramova is 27 years old. With Shnurov they have an 18-year age difference. It was true that it never stopped the singer at all, his ex-wife Matilda was 13 years younger than her husband. The present-day wife of the shocking artist was born in Yekaterinburg in the family by a businessman, former security officer at Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Valery Abramov. At the age of 14, they all moved to Moscow. After graduating from school, Olga went to Moscow State University with a degree in international relations. She then studied in London, where she studied art history.

Close to the girl's knowledge, she lives at the expense of her parents. Her family has several apartments in Moscow, as well as a country house on Rublevka, where Shnurov's new companions settled. Friends also talked about Olga as a spoiled girl who knows her value. Rest, she only goes to luxury hotels in the Maldives, Cote d'Azur or Dubai. In addition, she is well-known in wines, loves art, exhibitions and fashion shows.

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In one of the interviews, Abramova told her she was fond of painting and acknowledging that she was drawing with a pencil everything she sees in the streets: people with interesting looks, an unusual landscape.

The highest appearance was the release of Olga and Sergey at the presentation of this year's "Man of the Year" Prize, established by the "GQ" edition. Photo: YouTube Video Screenshot

Even though the girl lived in Moscow for a long time, her beloved city is still her native Yekaterinburg.

– Here I am born and raised. At fourteen my family and I moved to Moscow, but I often return to my grandparents. We meet friends in the club Gold or Place restaurant, here are the delicious oysters in the world – Far Eastern, – she told an interview to a fashion magazine. The girl calls the ambition its best quality. According to her, this is what helped her in her studies.

Of course there is a new wife, Sergei Shnurov, and what to dream about. For example, Olga wants to learn how to surf and save the environment and the animals. By the way, according to Abramova herself, she donates once a month to the WWF Wildlife Fund.

By the way, the founder of the IT company Rupakh Ruslan Fakhriev claimed the son of the owner of M.Video Larry Zayont's former girl's heart. But this relationship did not succeed.

Feelings between Shnurov and Abramova occurred this summer. For the first time, they arrived at the set of the "Voice" program, then at a concert in Sochi and in the Zenit-Spartak football match in the northern capital. Later a pair was seen at the opening of the intellectual club "418" during the 6th training period. The highest appearance was the release of Olga and Sergey at the presentation of this year's "Man of the Year" award, drafted by the "GQ" publication. Then Shnurov Slyavilil reporters, presenting the companion "Poetess Varvara", but the media quickly snapped her real name. By the way, the Leningrad group leaders led the whole night's fun joke and flirted with Abramova and ran the public more and more.

About the wedding, Shnurov and Abramova spoke recently. It was rumored that the marriage would take place on November 17th, but they did not arise. As it became known, the couple signed the Wedding Palace number 1 on the British embankment in St. Petersburg on October 20th. The secret ceremony was modest, behind closed doors and only took five minutes. The youth entered the register through the back door and then left the institution.

Sergey Shnurov and Olga Abramova, age difference, wedding: TThe first marriage as the leader of the cult rock group "Leningrad"

The Tabloids tell enthusiastically that Cord led his new passion for the registry on October 20th. There was no wedding – just a painting. The young people entered the marriage palace on the Promenade des Anglais in St. Petersburg through the back door, five minutes later they left it.

The journalists found that the age difference between Sergey Shnurov and his young wife, Olga Abramova, is 18 years old. He is 45, she is 27.

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