Sunday , May 22 2022

Psychologists have called the most common misconceptions


The expert presented the most common psychological errors. Information shared thematic foreign edition.
A 40-year-old psychologist explained the stereotypes he most often meets in his work. According to the expert, the misunderstanding of the situation sometimes affects drastically the quality of life.

Many believe that the style of learning makes it possible to better consolidate the material. In fact, it does not matter. Recent studies have shown that IQ tests do not determine the level of intelligence because this is a cognitive profile. The fact that polygraph can not be mistaken is also questioned, the probability of erroneous determination is about 25%. Often, a person motivates himself in the fact that nature itself does not change, in fact nothing is impossible.

The idea that the brain functions as a computer in memory storage is wrong, the reconstruction of the experience is performed all the time. Schizophrenia includes symptoms such as disordered thinking and psychosis, it is not defined as a person's perception of several individuals. People misunderstand the process of creating boundaries, given that it is rude and disrespectful to those around them.

Recognition of madness has become one of the most important clichés in movies when the protagonist does everything he can to avoid imprisonment. In reality, such manipulations practically do not work. An incredibly great belief is a stereotype that talks about a midlife crisis. Experts assure that there is no such point of departure in life, after which psychological problems will inevitably begin.

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