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Presentered Xiaomi Mi AirDots Wireless Headphones for 1 900 rubles


In recent weeks, rumors have been actively circulated on the network that an official announcement of wireless headphones called Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition will take place soon. Today, November 6, 2018, it finally happened. The Chinese company did not hold a separate event but limited itself to a press release and added information about the new product on its official website. The news will be sold in the coming days, and its main competitor is Apple's AirPods.

The featured wireless headphones are separate independent elements that are inserted into a special case for transport and charging. The product has the form of "gags", so it fits better for use in the subway, the planet and other noisy places. As expected, Mi AirDots is based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology, rather than Bluetooth 4.2, used in AirPods. Because of this, the radius of operation is 50 meters, and disturbances become significantly smaller and all this with less power consumption.

The headphones have built-in sensors, where you can pause the music or vice versa. It is also possible to adjust the volume, answer calls and make a number of other actions. If you perform a dual crane, the Xiao AI voice assistant is enabled. Unfortunately, AptX codec support has not been delivered, but each headphone weighs only 4.2 grams, allowing them to be used all day without discomfort to the ears.

When listening to music at an average volume level, each of the two headphones can work for 4 hours and there are 40 mAh batteries in them. The bag itself has a 350 mAh battery. He can charge the headphones twice. At a full charge, the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition Wireless Headphones can work up to 12 hours, which is a very good result. This product is available for purchase only in white color, and sales begin on China's territory November 11, 2018.

Buy Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition in the official stores of the manufacturer will be for 199 yuan, that is, their purchase costs only 1900 rubles. For comparison, for Apple AirPods asking $ 200, and this is somewhere around 13,500 rubles. The price difference is almost tenfold and it is very impressive. Earlier there was an official announcement about Honor FlyPods Pro – new wireless voice-enabled headphones.

Until November 25, everyone has a unique opportunity to get an Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sports bracelet for free, spending only 1 minute of their personal time.

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