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The city authorities offered everyone to rent with a ruble per square meter per year a building for the placement of a kindergarten in central Moscow. This is stated in the Communication from the City Department on Competition Policy, received by editorial "".

Investors already show a great interest in the object, emphasizes the report. The auction, which will be carried out the right to rent the plot, will be held November 22, 2018. The application for participation can be submitted until November 16th.

The two storey building is located at: Golyanovskaya Street, building 7, building 6, its area is 947 square meters. The starting price of the annual rent is 6.7 million rubles until the transition to a ruble per square meter for a period of 49 years.

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11:41 August 3, 2017

To switch to a preferential interest rate, the investor must meet the requirements of the City Department for Education: the first two years meet the standards for providing educational services. At the same time, at least 80 percent of children in preschool must be registered at the place of residence in Moscow.

"Until 2018, three more items for kindergartens or schools will be prepared to showcase the city's offer," said the report.

At the end of August, Moscow's Competition Department announced auctions for the sale of 20 historic properties in central Moscow. Anyone can participate in the auction.


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