Sunday , October 24 2021

New cheap Samsung smartphones "broke" counterparts from Xiaomi and Huawei


Currently, Samsung smartphones from the original and average price categories can not be called competitive because their Xiaomi and Huawei counterparts are much better in all respects, both in terms of technical equipment and functionality. But soon all this will end, because in 2019 the South Korean brand aims to build and release smart cheap phones under the company brand.

As SamMobile writes, referring to Korean media, Samsung's smart media from smart media will already have a fingerprint scanner built in the display in 2019, becoming one of their business cards to fall into the hands of potential buyers. Currently, Xiaomi and Huawei can not boast such a feature even at all its top levels, not to mention cheaper models.

In particular, to equip branded products with this particular feature, Samsung purchased from Qualcomm a large number of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, all of which are installed under the Super AMOLED screen. Because of this, buyers of brand new smartphones will be able to authorize on the basis of their own biometric data in a fraction of a second, and even when the hands are wet or dirty with something.

Unfortunately, it is not sure exactly which Samsung phones will receive the fingerprint module, the built-in display. The best candidates for the introduction of such features are the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A90, announced in January and will be launched in the first half of February. If this information is reliable, which is extremely likely, the South Korean company will release a phone with a scanner on the screen already before the flagship Galaxy S10 message, one of the features that are just such a module.

Earlier it was reported that the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy Note 8 were waiting for a chic surprise.

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