Saturday , June 19 2021

Medicines based on strawberries and turmeric helps to age

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Gerontoprotectors, which are drugs that help improve health, are new in the pharmacology market. These drugs continue their successful development and increase their names.

Experts from the Salk Institute, presented a unique class of similar compounds, called gerontoneuroprotectors. They have been shown to slow down the aging process in mice and can serve to heal Alzheimer's in elderly. The drug began to work with several substances found in plants. The first of these is efizetin, which is found in berries, fruits and vegetables. Curcumin is in the composition of spicy turmeric. Of these components, physicians could synthesize 3 drugs that protect neurons from inflammation associated with aging of the brain.

These drugs based on fizetin and curcumin during animal experiments lowered the molecular markers of dementia and aging, increasing the average lifespan of experimental flies and mice. Produktfizetina, currently used in animal toxicological tests – this is required to access further research on humans.

The product of curcumin will fall in the test phase from the beginning of next year. Researchers want to use biological and chemical markers for human aging in tests to carefully analyze all possible geriatric effects. Experts want to determine if such substances can have a positive effect on the kidneys and muscles other than the brain. If someone does not want to wait for the release of these medical innovations, doctors are advised to use the benefits of natural curcumin and physetin. These drugs have been recommended in the best way as natural geriatric drugs.

04:42:09 – – WordPress / 4.9.8; –

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