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Karjala Cup 2018: Russia – Finland, live stream 8 November 2018


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Specified in shipment time – Moscow

20:35. And then Grigorenko could make a double, but Metsola was not blind.

20:32. Oh, oh, oh. And now, Pedan saves! Sorokin could not do anything yet, but the defender insured on an empty corner did not allow Hartikainen to score.

20:29. The fines settled in our zone and took the initiative. Already in similar compositions continue to charge Sorokin, but Illya is reliable.

20:26. Nude in most removed. "Four out of four" did not play for a long time, now one and a half minutes is necessary to defend.

20:22. The second period began with the removal of Miro Aaltonen.

8:15 p.m. During the first 20 minutes an opponent was transferred to 8-5.

20:05. The first period is finished, the score is pleasing to the eye – 2: 0 in favor of ours.

20:00. They said everything was calm. And then the Finns are removed, the second time in a period. Again, Alexey Byvaltsev forced the opponent to foul.

19:56. We have a minority – Barantsev expires.

19:52. Goal! 2-0 made Nesterov's powerful shot from the blue line the Russians to increase the advantage and realize a numerical advantage.

19:50. Removal from Finns. Grigorenko was violated by the rules, Mikael Ruokhoma of "Neftekhimik" in the penalty area.

19:40. Goal! 1-0 Russia's national team opens an account! Mikhail Grigorenko fled to the counter after the Finns' risky transfer and realized the moment.

19:32. Let's go! The match has begun. At the gates of the Finnish national team Juha Metsola we have Ilya Sorokin.

19:25. Five minutes of preparedness!

19:15. We invite you to participate in a survey about the upcoming game.

19:00. Rolling has already begun. The Russians will play in red.

18:55. And here's the composition Russian team for today's match.

Goalkeeper: Ilya Sorokin (Ilya Konovalov),
Nikita Nesterov (A) – Artyom Blazhievsky, Kirill Kaprizov – Andrey Loktionov (A) – Mikhail Grigorenko,
Dinar Khafizullin – Alexey Vasilevsky, Andrey Kuzmenko – Alexey Byvaltsev – Alexander Barabanov,
Denis Barantsev – Alexander Elesin, Anatoly Golyshev – Denis Zernov – Maxim Shalunov,
Andrei Pedan – Artyom Zub, Ivan Telegin – Alexander Kadeikin – Evgeny Ketov (K), Alexander Dergachev.

18:45. Finnish fans are already in the stadium.

18:30. The team is already in the arena. We are waiting for pre-match heating.

18:15. Former Russian national team chief coach Vladimir Plyuschev notes that the current composition of the national team does not meet high expectations.

"The composition is such that it's hard to wait for some amazing game. You know that experiments must justify themselves. There are guys who have already been shown and still quite young, would like to try their hand in the new Olympic bike. interesting guys in Ufa, and in Omsk and in Yekaterinburg. I think the composition is far from ideal for solving serious problems, "said Ivy in an interview with the Championship.

18:00 hours. We welcome all hockey fans! We are pleased to offer you the online broadcast of the Russian national hockey team on the Euro Tour. In the Helsinki Karjala Cup team Ilya Vorobyov will meet with the tournament hosts fins. The start of the meeting is scheduled for 19:30 Moscow time, but we start our broadcast in advance to familiarize yourself with various interesting facts.

Nikitin's contract is over, Burdasov is kept up to date. The most important thing about the national team

Ilya Vorobyov's team flies to Helsinki for the Karjala Cup.

The Russians flew to Finland with an experimental train. There are several newcomers in the team at once, the average time for the team is 24 and a half years, there is no captain Pavel Datsyuk. In his absence, the Russians captain will be Evgeni Ketovalternative captains – Nikita Nesterov and Andrey Loktionov. Of course, we only expect a victory from our team, but the main focus is on watching hockey players. Coach staff need to understand each player's status, preparedness and skills. This is especially true for beginners.

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