Wednesday , October 5 2022

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Many network users have had problems with access to popular services due to an error in configuring the networks of Russian suppliers. This was reported by experts from the company Qrator Labs in a press release received by the editor of "".

The error occurred on November 25, 2018. According to experts, the occurrence of a small operator, Krek Ltd, caused a mistake in establishing the BGP protocol. He announced networks between his suppliers, which led him to redirect Rostelecom's traffic to his network: it could not resist the load, so that an "illegal traffic interception" occurred.

"Due to the BGP protocol's installation error, these operators not only hung up their networks, but also created problems for other services whose traffic was intercepted," said the press release.

As a result of the error, 10-20 percent of network users from Russia suffered. They lost access to Amazon, YouTube, Vkontakte, IVI and many others for about an hour.

Earlier, ICANN domain name and IP address management warned network users of a global disruption that could happen on October 11 due to a change in cryptographic keys. Later, the organizers said that Internet security could deteriorate, as ICANN predicts a decline in revenue from the sale of domains.

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