Tuesday , July 27 2021

Chania took the lead after a short program in Moscow, Kolyada is only the 8th

Japanese shooter Yuzuru Hania showed the best results in the short program as part of the Russian Grand Prix stage, which started in Moscow. Two-time Olympic champion for rent received 110.53 points, update of the world record.

The other was representatives of Georgia, Maurice Kvitelashvili and Alexander Maiorov from Sweden closed the top three.

Russian Mikhail Kolyada for his short rent got 69.10 points and is in 8th place. Below him, while Artur Dmitriev and Andrei Lazukin go.

Free rider will perform on November 17th.

Russia's Grand Prix. Men. Short program Yuzuru Hania

Russia's Grand Prix. Moscow

Men. Short program

1. Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) – 110.53 (World Record)

2. Maurice Kvitelashvili (Georgia) – 89.94

3. Alexander Mayorov (Sweden) – 82.33

8. Mikhail Kolyada – 69.10

9. Artur Dmitriev – 67.58 …

11. Andrey Lazukin (whole Russia) – 62.45

Russia's Grand Prix. Men. Mikhail Kolyada's short program

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