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"We will have a Champions League stadium". Fans are at the peak of happiness! Official announcement

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President of FC Hermannstadt, Iuliu Mureşan, said in a conference call on Tuesday that the club's debts are somewhere around € 800,000, but he has found an agreement from state agencies, where residents have the largest debt. . Muresan hopes the team can withstand the end of the season.

The band from Sibiu stretched more than his quilt, and his feet began to freeze in November, along with the stories. The club is nearing bankruptcy, ANAF is knocking on its door to recover its debts of € 600,000, and the football players have not received their salaries in months.

"It is difficult to secure a larger bouquet because the TV rights have the least money. Another real handicap is that I didn't play at home. Even the mood of the party is not the best, because there are some people who have been to the club and stick the stick through the fence. But I can say that today the first outstanding salary was paid and until the break with the national team will be paid and the second salary and we will be updated. We found the resources to be very important, as unpaid players are unhappy.

The club has accumulated debts, many debts came from 2017 and 2018, we also requested a reorganization at ANAF so that we can keep up, we can pay the current expenses. I found understanding, both at ANAF and at companies and players or former players. It is a situation with Romanian football, there were and there are problems, but many of them I solved. The debt to the state was about 600,000 euros, then to the old workers we owe about 100,000 euros, to the suppliers, to the transport company. There are liabilities that reach up to EUR 7-800,000. But it is important that we face and solve problems"said Muresan, during the press conference.

Former CFR manager of Cluj also denied rumors that the FC Hermannstadt club would be for sale.

"There was a lot of false information coming out, like if we want to sell the club, these are stories, bad guys who don't have coverage, inventions. We are looking for new sponsors or investors to secure the budget we need and to increase the budget to make football better and better. We are in talks with people who have left Sibiu in Germany and with companies in Sibiu and I hope that once we get home, new sponsors will also emerge. But there is no doubt that the team will move from Sibiu, on the contrary, we want to move home, in Sibiu. One of the reasons why we find it difficult to sponsor is that we do not play at home, it is difficult for some companies to advertise in another city. I'm sure it will be better. I am sure there will be no problems staying in League I, I am sure we will stay. With the budget now we couldn't do wonders, we can't think of play-offs, but we can handle it", Iuliu Muresan added.

Sibiu's team is in a "coma", but a stadium of 38 million euros is being prepared

Paradoxically, the band in Sibiu is about to find itself, but the local authorities in Sibiu are preparing to build an arena, in the old stadium, with 12,500 seats, which would cost € 38 million.

"A budget for the reconstruction of the stadium of € 38 million has been allocated, which is a sufficient amount to make a stadium to European standards. The stadium has 12,500 seats, which is sufficient for 90% of the parties. I think it covers the needs. Work should begin in the summer of next year and we want the team to continue playing in Sibiu, as they can work. I say we have to be happy because we will have a Champions League stadium. I am convinced that the City Hall will give us a very modern stadium", Iuliu Muresan concluded.

After 15 stages, AFC Hermannstadt is ranked 12th in the League I standings, with 13 points.

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