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Victor Negrescu, comisarul european propus de PSD, acuză jocuri murdare – Stiri pe surse

Victor Negrescu European Parliament, the Governor General of Viorica Dăncilă's office of European Commissioner, and an accusative of "joc politic clasic": Socialist position 10 of the European Commissioner, in the European PPE – 9, on the agenda of the European Parliament your acest motive so trec la un meci aggressively. "I am too worried now to face my puternic," spun Negrescu.

“Representation of the Romanian European level as a priority to prioritize mine at the European Parliament, and to the Minister of Delegation of European Affairs as a professional activist for the militant pro-European. An appeal is made in the post to the nominee for positioning proponents in Româniai pentru and the office of the European Commissioner, which may be a constant criterion for public criticism. If you are a member of a personal care credo in the capacitat, experienced in an apt pentru and representative in România la cel may be at the level of the potential and a pentru spriinul in the recommanded primacy. Cu sigurané eforturile mele in a claddi consensul in juror Președiniei României la Consiliul UE there as an area of ​​public and private discourse pro-european, indifferent to the consecine, but direct to care for the continuation of this.

In the case of lucruri, the remarks of the conscience are exaggerated in the police area and in the case of a transparent and transparent procedure which is transparent to the European public. Information is available about surgical care and postal respects and representations of importance to your arsenal and to political politics and discredited images in the area of ​​immediate care, care, and status as well as information. Now, in the ultimate realm, unseen pseudo-anchete esteem asemenea parte your arsenalul folosit, ideologically and in the interests of interest, ilustrează ura și aggresivitatea politică and unor personaje. Cred prea mult in libertatea de expression pentru a reaciona la fiecare lucru aparut dar in cazul en care vor continua in separate mincuni now in ezita in onarea in cariera de acest lucru se va impune.

Reality is about becoming a focal point of a joc political classic. Socialist level 10 post office of the Commissioner of Brussels, popular level 9. The era of the European Commission's care for the first priority of the European PPE in the context of a European executive and a major question in European Parliament. It is important to find out the course, drop your Romance in your UE, and apply aggressive, prin orice, and take advantage of the pentru in a process, as well as a momentum of opportunity to find a new interesul legacy care. . May now comment on the moment of the pentru moment. Poate dupito viitoarea propunere de comisar, care about this era in Europe and a post of exploration for explicent satisfacerea obiectivelor politice. As soon as possible, the European Commission's care will be reassigned to accept ridicule or censor of European risk-free health in a contextual and care-oriented anti-European case in Europe.

Now, in the aviation sector, it is now open to auditors in a national European Parliament, as a precedent or party to their views, to consider a three-way priority for the European Commission in the matter of transport. The following scopes are available, as well as some prelude:

– this area of ​​transport in different realities in conjunction with the efficient North / South – Est / West care and conducts of the European Bloc

– introducing the area of ​​voluntary transport in non-polluting / ecologic transport including prinvolvedea unui mechanism of spraying in European finance but reducing the existing existing in a contextul obiectivelor community in the matter of media

– inițierea și implementarea legislației și soluțiilor tehnice pentru asigurarea mobilității militare

– colaborarea cu statele membre a vederea dezvoltării educației rutiere și a mechanism mechanism for the preveninie destinate scăderii riscurilor generate de accidente

– sprijinirea industriei și soluțiilor inovative european in matter de transport eficient / ecologic

Now, face to face, may be in the mood to get a good deal of the credit, the fidelity of the country and its politician in a political epoch jocurilor murderer in the culinary community. For more recent, objective, and active activists in Europe, continue to be a military pentru of Romania's International Union of European Democrats, a unit of the Cetacean, and scrutinize Facebook.

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