Tuesday , September 28 2021

The rare message about Michael Schumacher's wife about the state …

The letter was directed to musician Sascha Herchenbach, who composed a song for the pilot entitled "Born to Fight" and sent it to his CD, writes huff.ro.

The composer who sent him the CD said he did not expect Schumacher's wife to answer him, but he received an emotional letter he had not known before.

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It is wonderful to have so many wishes and positive thoughts, it is very helpful for our family. We all know that Michael is a fighter and will not be successful, "wrote Corinne.

The composer talked about the letter and his message in an interview for the German newspaper Bunte.

"I did not expect to get an answer and was overwhelming. The letter was handwritten by Corinna, behind the man.

She also said that she is grateful for the present and hopes she and her family will go over these difficult moments, says the music.

The exact date of the letter is unknown, but the German composer made a game for Schumacher 2014, one year after his accident, after which he entered a coma.

Former Formula 1 pilot Michael Schumacher suffered a ski accident on December 29, 2013 and has been in a serious condition since then. But there is hope.

The family keeps Schumacher's state secret. The latest official announcement was made more than a year ago when the family lawyer sued a newspaper claiming Schumacher could go.

Some doctors believe that the former F1 champion will never recover completely.

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