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The first reaction in Rotarius camps after Becali announced that he brought the former FCSB Dynamo

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Gigi Becali has announced he wants to bring Dorin Rotariu to FCSB. Uncle of the former Dinamo player, Iosif Rotariu, gave a first response to the statements by the red-blue financier. He stated that FCSB's interest is beneficial to Alkmaar's players.

"Very good if he wants, that means my granddaughter is appreciated. That means a lot, but first, Dorinel has to return to the national team." Now he started playing again for AZ Alkmaar, that's fine, even if he did not. accused of this national measure.

What's important is what he wants for the future, the Dutch championship is strong, undoubtedly it's a good environment to develop, said Rotariu, for

Ivan and Rotariu on Becalis list

After the match from the National Arena, 1-1 with Dinamo, Gigi Becali indicated that Andrei Ivan and Dorin Rotariu have great chances to be led by Nicolae Dică.

"I, if I bring players, bring players who play, invited players, not Dinamo, that he brought the one who let the ball out (no Zenke), they are two players you know. It does not suit people.

Ivan and Rotariu are yes. I do not know anymore, I just told you what I want. Something else I do not comment on. We'll see. They give Rotariu two million, and I give 500,000. We are negotiating … I know if I want to give a player and ask for two million, I give him a few hundred thousand. That's how I know it's bargaining. " said Gigi Becali.

What Belgium says about transferring Rotariu to FCSB

The Belgian press demands FC Bruges do everything to break away from Dorin Rotariu, the 23-year-old striker he loaned to Alkmaar at the end of this season. In the Netherlands, Dorin made only one goal and only played 220 minutes.

"The player like Bruges has not fooled convincingly, the solution comes from his home country" with the title on sunday,, which then pointed out "The story between Dorin Rotariu and the Belgian club seems to have ended. The Romanian offensive midfielder has never confirmed his expectations and now he is talking about returning to Romania at the FCSB."

Becali wanted the Rotarius in the summer. Now it is possible to move

Gigi Becali has not even hidden his interest in buying Rotariu this season. "MM will be interested in the conditions we can take him in. I have the impression that I can not touch Rotariu, but if Bruges wants to sell him, I'm interested!" He is a real football player! Gigi said in the summer.

Now it is possible to move. Although wheels have a clause off 1.8 million euros will Becali try to borrow it, so then, only in the summer, if he wins the title, transfer it permanently.

1 500 000 euros is Dorin Rotarius's market share, according to the specialty. He has a contract with FC Brugge until the summer of 2020.

Forget about Rotariu of the Dinamo period?

Dorin Rotariu was very fond of fans of Dinamo, the team for which he developed between 2013 – 2017. The striker did 30 of goals in 142 of matches collected in all competitions and with time has made several statements to rule out a transfer to the FCSB rival.

"I do not want a transfer to Steaua. I would never go there" Dorin said in 2016.

Dorin Rotariu reached FC Bruges in January 2017 from Dinamo when transferred to 2.2 million. It has a salary 400 thousand of euro per year.

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