Wednesday , May 18 2022

Romania's voice 2018: Tudor Chirilă's spectacular voices


In the sweet classic style, Tudor Chirila's team took another Romanian moment from Romania's voice. Find information and video in the article.

Coaches Voice of Romania 2018

Coaches Voice of Romania 2018

Mara Captura and Alma Boiangiu were the voices that inspired Cyril in a challenge. The coach thought of a pop song that the competitor would perform in rock. Mara and Alma have prepared their meeting Bruno Mars – Grenade" for a real show to impress the jury members.

"This is one of those moments when I am very upset that I am in Romania's voice. Both have exceptional qualities, I congratulate you, I congratulate you! Chirila after the girls have finished the musical moment.

Irina Rimes The series of posts continued, which indicated that both competitors were still able to compete.

"It was a very high moment, now I have chances for any of you."

and Other appreciated the moment and the idea of ​​playing a piece in another musical style was very interesting. The artist complimented competitors and said they were two "big voices".

The choice was difficult for the coach, but in the end Cyrilla decided to move on with Alma. The interpretation of the young man during the duel was sensibly raised in Tudor's choice.

As expected, Irina pressed the button for Mara. He was not the only, Smiley who came to play.

"I know the people, I know the artists, I want to give you the opportunity to discover you," tried smiley to convince Mara

Irina it has not been inferior:

"I want to discover the pure and righteous excitement."

Mara chose to go to the Irina Rimes team.

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