Wednesday , October 5 2022

Remus Pricopie, Rector of SNSPA, DOJANĂ CU TLC for Romans who want to protest December 1 – News on sources


SNSPA Rector Remus Pricopie criticizes the decision of the Romans who want to come out of the century. He wrote on his Facebook page a small text comparing the gesture to protest on the national day with the one who hit mats on a holiday day.

"On a party day you can not beat carpets"

This word I know from my grandmother – God to rest it!

Only when I was small, I did not understand. I wondered why not hit the carpets if they are dusty? Why not give them the shine we know we can get, with some well-liked strokes and a brush?

The answer, as I understand a little later, is simple: if you did not manage to do it before, be patient, respect the celebration and if you're still looking for the skin's soft and fresh air in the house, you just have to do it.

I think my grandmother would have given the same advice to those who want to organize a protest bill against the Romanian government on December 1, 2018. It would be wise that the symbolic strain on the national day, 100 years after the Great Union, not to be protected by political partyism, "writes Remus Pricopie on Facebook.

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